Established in 2000 Starlab is an independent, private R&D SME. Starlab Barcelona develops innovative sensor concepts as well as software products and consulting services. The Neuroscience Business Unit has extensive experience in brain stimulation and electrophysiology, advanced data analysis, and basic/applied research for both institutional and industrial clients.

Starlab Neuroscience brings scientific rigor to the provision of neuroscience data analysis services to clinical and professional applications while leveraging medical grade hardware provided by our spin-off Neuroelectrics. Starlab Neuroscience capability is based on a unique combination of expertise in different stages of the electrophysiology data analysis pipeline from the signal acquisition through EEG signal processing to the final application of advanced machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Our methodological approach allows the evaluation and statistical validation of electrophysiological and neuroimaging biomarkers at subject individual level, which paves the path for its extensive application in clinical decision support systems for diagnosis, prognosis, drug development, and treatment monitoring. Our biomarker discovery techniques have been developed for both spontaneous and event-related EEG protocols. The integration of the analytical framework in cloud repositories allows a smooth clinical trial data management as well as the automate report generation for giving a clear insight of results to our clients.


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Cognitive Enhancement, Brain Stimulation, Digital Phenotyping, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Affective Computing, Biomarker Discovery

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