• Study of the neural substrates underlying serotonergic and dopaminergic modulation of neural network activity and inter-area communication and its impact on executive function.

  • Deepen our understanding on the effects of typical (1st generation) and atypical (2nd generation) antipsychotic drugs on executive function and elucidate the cellular mechanisms involved.

  • Study of the neural substrates underlying deficits in executive function of murine models of intellectual disability. We are currently evaluating a mouse model of Down syndrome (Ts65Dn mice with partial trisomy equivalent to human chromosome 21). We also investigate potential beneficial actions on cognition of pharmacological treatments, natural compounds and environmental stimulation in this animal model.



Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona


Neuromodulation, Neural network, Neural oscillation, Synchrony, Prefrontal cortex, Hippocampus, Executive function, Learning and memory, Dopamine, Serotonin, schizophrenia, Down syndrome, Fast-spiking interneuron

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Telephone: +34 933 160 482
Email: mpuig3@imim.es