Pablo Jercog Team

We focus our research on the exploration of how information is encoded long-term in the brain. We are specially interested in the formation and recall of associative spatial memories. With our different research projects we are trying to bridge the gap between the extensive knowledge that the neuroscience community has on the spatial information encoded in the activity of neurons in the medial temporal lobe (place-cells, grid-cells, head-direction-cells, etc), and the role on memory formation and recall of this brain region.

Our research is based on three methodologies:

  1. High-throughput behavioral tasks

  2. Electrophysiology and calcium imaging recordings of large neuronal population in freely moving mice

  3. Machine learning techniques to correlate neuronal population activity with animal behavior


OFFICE: Carrer Roselló 149-153 (CEK - 1)
08036 Barcelona, Spain

LAB: Carrer de Casanova, 143, Barcelona Centre de Recerca Biomèdica (CELLEX) Laboratori de Neuroimmunologia. P3A


Spatial memory. Hippocampus and cortex interaction. Large neuronal population representations of memories.

Contact Information

Telephone: +34 93 227 5400 (Ext. 4167 and 1738)